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Clipboard  TV and Film Continuity

This course covers all aspects of continuity when location shooting.  Lectures are illustrated with filmed examples and the full residential course contains practical exercises which give the participants the opportunity of putting theory into practice on both drama and factual programmes.  

It is designed for runners, production secretaries, production assistants, production co-ordinators, script supervisors and anyone interested in single camera shooting on film or digital media.

Whether working on unscripted documentary-style programmes or fully-scripted feature films, if the production is shot primarily single-camera on film or digital media  then there is a need for someone to fulfil the role of continuity on location.

This course is designed to give the participants both a thorough understanding of the importance of providing accurate notes - shot lists, digitising notes, tramline scripts - as well as giving a comprehensive knowledge of how to match the continuity, shot by shot and scene by scene, during shooting.    

The course will cover the following:

Background to single-camera shooting
What is continuity?
Knowing shot size
Shot descriptions
Conventions of single camera shooting
Setting up for a shoot
Layout of scripts
Script breakdowns
On location - scripted and unscripted productions
Continuity report sheets - comparing the merits of paper-based and electronic reporting
Shot listing and timecode logging
What to look for in each shot and how to write it down
The relationship between action and dialogue
Tramline or coverage notes
Information for the camera department
Information for the editor

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ClipboardCombined course for continuing TV drama

In recent years continuing TV dramas such as 'Coronation Street' and 'Emmerdale' have required Script Supervisors to combine the traditional continuity role with the shot calling and time code logging elements of a Gallery PA.  I can offer a combined course covering this dual role.


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