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PA Studio Skills

The full residential course gives a basic and comprehensive grounding in the specialised skills required in a multi-camera studio.  It is designed for production secretaries, production co-ordinators and production assistants and anyone who is interested in learning the role of the Gallery PA/Script Supervisor in the control room of a television studio.  

The course is primarily a practical one, giving hands-on exercises at every stage in order to give the participants the maximum amount of experience and confidence. 

By the exclusive use of a two-camera broadcast television studio throughout the week - operated entirely by the participants - skills can be gradually built up and participants made aware of how the job of a Gallery PA/Script Supervisor interacts with other studio staff, giving them an appreciation of the importance of their role as part of this team. 

Participants will work through all stages of a pre-recorded studio programme from camera script to studio recording, enabling them to experience the entire cycle of work on this type of programme before moving to 'as-live' and 'live' programmes, where the Gallery PA/Script Supervisor has a precise and specific role to play.  The culmination of the course is a final 'live' magazine-type programme which incorporates all the new-found skills.

The course will cover the following:

Setting up a multi-camera production
Camera scripts and camera cards
The layout of the studio control room
The Gallery PA/Script Supervisor's role in the control room
Shot calling
Time-code logging
Stopwatch familiarisation
Rolling-in insert items
Overall and insert timings
Cueing and counting
Bar counting
Coping with a 'live' studio
Checking and cueing captions
The use of reverse and switch talk-back








Combined course for continuing TV drama

In recent years continuing TV dramas such as 'Coronation Street' and 'Emmerdale' have required Script Supervisors to combine the traditional continuity role with the shot calling and time code logging elements of a Gallery PA.  I can offer a combined course covering this dual role.




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